Yolanda Fernandes Ly Artist Project Toronto Canada
Hi there, I’m Yolanda, artist and creator of YFL.ART. Most days you can find me painting away while playing mommy to my three wild munchkins.

I am mostly known for my brand YFL.ART, where I create original watercolor art and accessories! I love serving the world with fun, whimsical and inspirational pieces for your special spaces! The things I am most passionate about in life are represented in my work, my family and nature. I am lucky enough to create unique, one of kind, affordable pieces for the everyday family.

I also have a fine art line of work under my name. Constant experimenting using different techniques, various mediums and materials, I noted a special preference for acrylic and resin. My work has evolved from bright lively florals and expressive landscapes to a more abstract fluid feel. My new body of work reflects on the movement and energy of constant change in our lives. Yet it still embraces the vibrant and light values of my florals and landscapes and allows me to abandon structure for fluidity and the unpredictability of the process. From painting to creating one of a kind resin containers, home décor products and furniture pieces, I create from the heart, passionately, incorporating movement, energy and texture. ( yolandafernandesly.com )
Being a wife, mom, owner and creator of my own art business has been the most challenging and rewarding stage in her life. I strive to create unique, transformative handmade pieces of art and décor for your personal living space, while being affordable for the everyday family!

My work has been displayed at the Cultural Expressions Art Gallery, Artusiasm Art Gallery, Hashtag gallery and more. My work has been featured on TTC and Go Transit Ads, and in the Toronto Star. I have been featured on live TV- Rogers Daytime TV and CHCH. Also featured on Nerdist.com , YorkLife Magazine, and on various blogs and social media. I have been lucky to have my work sold internationally with collectors from around the world.

You can view more media features here: MEDIA
And visit my website for more : YolandaFernandesLy.com

Want to know more?

I was born and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. And spent my formative years living in the Middle east and India and traveling East Asia. From a young age I had a distinct interest in the arts and my parents nurtured my abilities through various art programs. In 1995 I moved to Canada and received a Diploma from Sheridan College and Seneca College for Art Fundamentals and Digital Media Arts in 2003.

But as life happens, my priorities shifted, pushing my passion for art to a hobby as I dealt with life’s many adventures.

For over the next decade I found a career within the medical and orthodontic fields. With various roles and responsibilities, I was able to keep my creative background and support the organizations creative design and marketing needs. In 2015, with the birth of my third child, I made a career change.  I decided it was time to move on, and focus my attention to my family and my passion for art.

I love creating and experimenting. I enjoy using different techniques, various mediums and materials. However, I have a special preference for acrylic and resin.

My time spent in the Middle East, India, and travelling to visually stunning countries like Thailand and Maldives, and being a full time mom of three, has greatly influenced my work.