My Why!

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5 years ago today, I welcomed my third child & decided to turn my side hustle to a full time gig.

Why? There’s a lot to say on this & my why has evolved through the years.

Leaving my full time job was scary. But it took time to realize, it was meant to be my bridge to my real purpose.

I spent all my life being creative. I went to school for the arts and dreamed it to be my full time pursuit. But fear and uncertainty of income deterred me from pursuing it.

Then life events woke me to the reality. Infertility treatment, miscarriages, depression, anxiety, illness….

What pulled me out of the black hole was my creativity. My love of creating beautiful, colourful paintings.

It was a way out, a distraction, a way to counter.

Having my third child, made me realize, I wanted to spend more time with my family and my creativity.

I chose to nurture both my passions and value them both, more than anything else. 

Since then, I have pushed to make this my primary income, to provide for my family and to leave a legacy. I want them to see how hard work is its own reward. That art can have a positive impact on our lives and the lives of others. 

Through all the struggles that come my way, I choose to fight my battles with my creativity, for my kids and for myself.

That is my why!

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