Let me re-introduce myself..

Let me re-introduce myself..

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It’s been a while since I did an introduction, and since there’s so many new followers, lets do it! And this is probably going to be a Part 1 🤪

-I’m Yolanda, an artist entrepreneur based out of Vaughan. ⁣⁣
-I immigrated to Canada when in my teens, from Dubai.⁣⁣
-I studied the arts at Sheridan College & Digital Media Arts at Seneca college. Then got side tracked & spent a decade in health care, orthodontics to be exact!⁣⁣
-During that time I struggled with infertility & child loss, which made my pre-exisiting depression & anxiety far worse than I could manage. ⁣⁣
-Creating & painting helped save me and ultimately I quit my day job in 2016 and made my side hustle a full time gig.⁣⁣
-My work has evolved a lot since I started and I can assure you I will still continue to change. I love all media, and work with water-colours, acrylic, resin and clay, to name a few.⁣⁣

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