Celebrating 8 years in business!

Celebrating 8 years in business!

Throughout these years, I’ve quietly observed my biz anniversary, choosing to reflect privately. However, this year felt different; it warranted acknowledgment.

My entrepreneurial journey began after the birth of my third child. Opting to leave a decade-long career in healthcare, I prioritized being present for my three kids. The inception of my art side hustle dates back to 2011, meaning I’ve been painting, creating, and managing my small business for 13 years, with 8 of those being full-time.

In these 8 years, I’ve crammed in an abundance of experiences and transformations, constantly evolving. It commenced with acrylic landscapes, botanicals, and abstract art, followed by a successful venture into watercolor kids’ illustrations. I then explored epoxy, casting home decor, ultimately transitioning to a blend of functional art and home decor. While this currently fuels my passion, it’s certainly not the end of my narrative.

From day one, I’ve juggled multiple roles—artist, entrepreneur, small business owner, mom, wife, friend—a journey fraught with challenges and growth. I’ve learned, stumbled, faltered, pivoted, all while wrestling with self-doubt and external skepticism. Along the way, friendships have been lost and gained, communities built and expanded.

There were countless moments I contemplated quitting, yet I persisted, fundamentally transforming in the process. Reflecting on my accomplishments fills me with humility. From schlepping goods at various markets to seeing my work adorn homes worldwide and feature in galleries, my journey has been nothing short of a journey.

Here are my key takeaways:
-Success doesn’t materialize overnight; hard work and perseverance eclipse the allure of overnight virality.
-Starting a business unveils true allies—often not among friends and family, but within the communities you nurture.
-Failure and success are intertwined, and embracing change is imperative. -Continuous learning fosters growth, personal and business.

Lastly, believing in your aspirations is half the journey. If you hold steadfast, to your dreams, you’re already on the path to realization.

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