Fun Facts about me...

Fun Facts about me...

Things you may or may not know about the artist Yolanda Fernandes Ly
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More kinda 🤪fun facts about me👉🏼
-The “Ly” in my name is my married name. Pronounced “Lee”. For some reason people always leave it out or think it’s some random thing I added to my name 🤷🏻‍♀️
-I LOVE music while I work, play, cook, clean... Everything! Especially 80s music.Yeah I said it. 🤓
-Love reading, fiction always & listening to podcasts.
-I love the sun, I truly am solar powered. I love long walks, and quite time is sacred to me.
-I’m more introvert with a touch of extrovert when needed. 🤣 I’ve learned to adapt and deal with the anxiety of being around people.
-Languages I’ve learned growing up: Arabic, Hindi and Konkani. I can’t remember much, just the basics as I’m out of practice, so no quizzes please 🙈
-I have an auto immune disease, rheumatoid arthritis, Raynaud’s disease, and multiple heath issues. I live with chronic pain, fatigue and prone to infections. This all plays a huge part and greatly affects my art, my event schedule and how I run my business along with being a mom to 3 little kids.
-I try to live life with daily gratitude. And although I have many up and down days I feel truly blessed for so much in my life! 💗
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